Duke University School of Medicine

Duke University School of Medicine

Durham, North Carolina
Core Values: Excellence in education, research and patient care | Respect for and inclusion of people from all backgrounds | Commitment to service, solving real world problems | Sense of urgency in transforming discoveries into improved human health

Duke University School of Medicine is one of the largest biomedical research enterprises in the country. The school includes the research efforts of 2,400 basic science and clinical faculty members who strive to transform medicine and health, locally and globally, through innovative scientific research and rapid translation of breakthrough discoveries. In addition to 24 academic departments, numerous centers and institutes comprise the School of Medicine, including the Duke Cancer Institute, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke Human Vaccine Institute, MedX (a School of Medicine-Pratt School of Engineering partnership), and Duke Global Health Institute.

Research at Duke, which extends from the bench to the bedside, has resulted in some of the world’s most significant medical and biological discoveries and has resulted in innovative new treatments for a wide range of human diseases.  To continue to lead and thrive in an ever-evolving research environment is challenging however. While NIH has seen an increase in funding over the last four years, it still remains below inflation and lower than it was a decade ago. Private research funding from large foundations and philanthropists has increased, requiring schools to diversify their funding sources. Clinical research is undergoing a revolution with new technologies and the need for accelerated results, both of which challenge the traditional processes and policies of the academic medical center. The pace of change and complexity of science beg for creative collaborations and new sources of investment.

Duke’s plan to ensure continued research progress and success is based on the “One Duke” philosophy which promises more success and higher levels of excellence and strengths through collaborations and partnerships across the School of Medicine and entire Duke University campus.

In 2017, Duke Health launched Translating Duke Health, a multi-disciplinary, multi-year commitment to harness the expertise and knowledge found at Duke to address society’s most significant scientific and healthcare challenges and fulfill the vision of making discoveries and transforming health for millions. Areas of focus include cardiovascular disease, children’s health, brain metastasis, brain resilience, and immunology. To date, 14 innovative pilot projects have been funded. 

As a member of Research!America, Duke University School of Medicine shares its goal of ensuring that research to improve human health continues to be a national priority. Duke faculty members and leaders are active participants on the Research!America board and in events and initiatives including advocacy days and panel discussions.

“Our research goals will enable us to fulfill the School of Medicine’s ideals of excellence, integrity, respect, diversity and inclusion, commitment to service and solving real world problems,” says Mary E. Klotman, MD, Dean, Duke University School of Medicine. “Now is a pivotal time for biomedical research, and we must seize the opportunity to ensure that basic, translational, clinical, and data sciences converge to facilitate new discoveries and transform fundamental knowledge to improve the health and well-being of our patients and populations globally.”

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