Research!America annually publishes a summary of results from our most recent public opinion surveys. Use this data in letters to the editor; op-eds; newspaper articles; letters to and visits with elected officials; speeches; talking points; congressional testimony; town hall meetings and debates; and policy statements.

America Speaks: Poll Data Summary, Volume 22 was published in March 2022.  

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Research!America’s latest Poll Data Summary constitutes an important snapshot of public priorities as they concern science as well as medical and health research. This summary offers important opportunities for channeling public support for increased research and public health investments to drive delivery of solutions that our nation, and the world, desperately need.

Research!America has been commissioning public opinion surveys for over three decades, keeping a pulse on public attitudes as we strive to assure our advocacy is responsive to the hopes and aspirations of Americans, even as we address their concerns about research. As President Lincoln memorably noted, “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.”

This 22nd edition of our Poll Data Summary, made possible with the generous support of the American Medical Association, shows strong agreement among members of the public concerning the value placed on science and innovation. There is strong bipartisan agreement that the federal government should support basic research advancing the frontiers of knowledge (83%) and provide incentives for private sector investment in science and technology (79%).

The data also strongly underscores that the public wants to hear from the science community – seeing communication as part of the job of scientists, many of whom work for the public. Americans also want scientists and public health officials to speak to elected officials, and they expect those officials to listen. At the same time, we’ve also seen notable slides in the confidence the general public has in public health officials, and in the percentage of adults who see the work of scientists benefitting them.

Despite the slide in confidence in scientists and public health officials, 7 in 10 Americans still agree (similar to last year) COVID-19 is a disruptive event calling for assigning a higher priority to science and technology in the U.S. (This result comes at a time when federal investment in science and technology has fallen to less than half the share of gross domestic product it once was – a situation that threatens our economic and national security.)

We hope that you will share this summary with your network and other interested parties. Research!America will continue to work with our members to make these public opinion perspectives broadly known; to make public engagement highly valued by the science community; and to work together with all stakeholders to raise the volume of advocacy for science with elected officials.

America’s economic destiny lies in innovation, technology, science and research.
The Honorable John E. Porter