Science v. COVID-19: Promising COVID-19 Treatments Explained

Event Date: 
Thursday, February 25, 2021
1:00 p.m. ET

COVID-19 treatments exemplify the significance of the public-private sector R&D continuum. While these treatments have not generally received the same level of attention as vaccines, they are critical to our response to the pandemic. This panel discussion will explore the range of treatments available; how, when, and in what settings they are administered; and ways to ensure these treatments reach patients in need.
The value of medical progress hinges on patient access to its benefits; as COVID-19 continues to rob Americans and populations across the globe of health and time, this is the right conversation at the right time.

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Eleanor Perfetto, PhD, MS, executive vice president of strategic initiatives, National Health Council
Rajesh T. Gandhi, MD, FIDSA, professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School; director of HIV clinical services and education, Massachusetts General Hospital; Chair, HIV medicine association; member, guideline panel, treatment and management of patients with COVID-19, Infectious Diseases Society of America
James L. Madara, MD, CEO and EVP, American Medical Association
Denise Brooks-Williams, senior vice president and CEO north market, Henry Ford Health System
Michael Ybarra, MD, vice president and chief of medical affairs, PhRMA


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