Today, more than ever in recent history, the pivotal role research plays to the future of our nation, our communities, and our families is highly visible. The 2020 presidential and congressional elections are an opportunity to elevate the importance of research and innovation in the national conversation. Robust investments and policies favorable to public- and private-sector research are critical to improve health, address future pandemics, strengthen the economy, and sustain our nation’s leadership in science and technology.
Join us in engaging candidates in making science and research a higher national priority. Use our toolkit to reach candidates through virtual town halls, letters to the editor, or social media.

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Learn: Become a vocal champion for science. Connect with information to make the best case for a science strong future and build support.

Engage: Help candidates understand the urgent need for robust federal support for research funding across the sciences and a policy environment that encourages translation of basic science into advances benefiting Americans and populations across the globe.

Vote: Your vote is your voice.  Voting is a way to express your views on decisions made by elected officials.



Science Policy Resources

Review background information for facts on a range of science policy areas.

Health-focused Research and Development Resources


Review background information for facts about health research agencies, the toll of specific diseasespublic health, R&D investment trends, the importance of private-sector research, technology transfer, and more. 

Research!America Public opinion surveys

Learn more about American attitudes on scientific progress, public health, research funding, COVID-19, and more by reviewing public opinion surveys with questions like these:

Strong Majority Consider it Important for Elected Officials to Listen to Advice from Scientists

In thinking about threats to your health, how important is it that elected officials at all levels listen to advice from scientists?


Source: A Research!America survey of U.S. adults conducted in partnership with Zogby Analytics in January 2020. 




Candidates listen to voters. Make your voice heard by engaging with your candidates and community to ensure scientific progress is a priority!

Virtual Townhalls


Did you know that candidates are holding virtual town halls, open to the public? Find out when your candidates are holding tele-town halls

We have developed sample questions you can use to guide your conversations with candidates about research and find out candidates’ positions on accelerating scientific progress.

Social Media


View our sample posts to guide your outreach to candidates!

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Your vote counts and voting is foundational to advocacy. Voting shows you care about the decisions your elected officials make. That’s where advocacy starts. Make sure you are registered to vote!


​Disclaimer: We have provided links to organizations with useful online tools for engaging with candidates and the election process. Research!America does not endorse or support these organizations or any candidate or political party.

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