NIH Seeks Public Comment: Defining Unmet Needs for Clinical Translation of Cell-Based Therapies

The National Institutes of Health — specifically the NIH Common Fund’s NIH Center for Regenerative Medicine — has an open request for information concerning impediments to stem cell- and progenitor cell-based technologies.

More specifically, from the call itself: “The Common Fund’s NIH Center for Regenerative Medicine (NIH CRM) seeks comments on persistent unmet needs that currently impede technical and scientific progress in translating advances in stem-and progenitor cell-based technologies to the clinic, and where NIH investment and/or coordination can help in overcoming these impediments.”

The RFI offers two ways to add your feedback. First, dash off an email with the notice number, the requested information (a list of which appears in the link above) and your comments to Alternatively, visit the CRM’s dedicated website and fill in the proper fields; this method allows you to see and comment on other submitted comments — but do note that emailed comments will be treated the same way and available for public inspection and comment. And because the information will become public, the RFI states that proprietary or otherwise sensitive information should not be included.

Comments will be accepted until April 2.

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