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Leadership & Staff

Research!America’s dedicated staff are willing to work with you on your efforts to advocate for research to improve health.


Leadership Team



  • Mike Coburn   
    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Aimée Lefever  
    Director of Operations
  • Michelle Reddersen 
  • Lisa Montgomery  
    Executive Assistant

Development & Membership

  • Anne Mandeville   
    Vice President of Development and Membership
  • Katie Goode  
    Senior Director of Development and Membership
  • Kristen Furlong  
    Director of Membership and Development
  • Joel Nepomuceno  
    Director of Membership and Development Operations

Policy & Advocacy

  • Eleanor “Ellie” Dehoney   
    Senior Vice President of Policy and Advocacy
  • Erin Darbouze 
    Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy
  • Victoria Schneider 
    Senior Manager of Global Health R&D Advocacy
  • Jacqueline Lagoy 
    Global Health R&D Operations and Events Coordinator
  • Savannah Sims   
    Senior Associate, Global Health R&D Advocacy
  • Trent Carlson   
    Policy and Advocacy Associate
  • Sarah Bobardt  
    Dr. Leroy Hood Science Policy Fellow

Advocacy Programs & Initiatives

  • Sheila Murphy   
    Vice President of Advocacy Programs and Initiatives
  • Samantha Miller 
    Director of Policy & Advocacy Programs
  • Shilpa Rajan   
    Director of the Science and Technology Action Committee
  • Jasmine George  
    Senior Manager of Policy & Advocacy Programs
  • Cortez Bowlin  
    Dr. Louis Sullivan Science Policy Fellow

Communications & Civic Science

  • Jenny Luray   
    Senior Vice President of Strategy and Public Engagement
  • Glenn O’Neal   
    Senior Director of Communications
  • Taylarr Lopez   
    Director of Communications
  • Erin Brown   
    Associate Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Fanuel Muindi  
    Senior Fellow for Civic Science
  • Abigail Bender  
    Civic Science Intern
  • Anika Maney  
    Science Communications Intern, internship sponsored by Burroughs Wellcome Fund