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The Honorable John Edward Porter

“You can change the image of things to come. But you can’t do it sitting on your hands…”

—The Honorable John Edward Porter, Research!America Chair Emeritus

Representatives and politicians do listen to their constituents. That’s why it’s important to advocate for causes you support. Make your voice heard beyond the voting booth and let Congress know that funding for research is important; it’s important for the economy, for innovation, for medical advances, and for the future. You can be an effective advocate!

Advocacy 101:

Congressional Meetings 101

Writing a “Letter to the Editor” 101

Advocacy on LinkedIn 101

Preparing Written Testimony 101

Resources for the Current Congress:

The Fiscal Responsibility Act and What It Means for the FY24 Appropriations Process

Congressional Research Service (CRS) FY 2024 Appropriations Tracker


Freshman Members of the 118th Congress — and NIH & NSF funding levels

FY24 Witness Testimony Deadline Tracker

Additional Tips and Tools:

Advocacy How-To: The Do’s and Don’ts of Advocacy

Advocacy FAQ

Sample Letter to the Editor

Craft an Email to Your Representatives

5 Easy Steps to Reach Your Congressional Candidates

Research Takes Cents Facts comparing consumer spending to research investment

Mary Woolley

“We can’t rely on science to speak for itself; it’s something we have to give a face and a voice to – yours!”

—Mary Woolley, Research!America President and CEO,  Read bio