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To ensure science agencies receive robust funding and federal policies are aligned behind securing faster medical and public health progress, your representatives in Congress need to hear from you.

Click on the links and “Take Action” buttons below and follow the steps to contact your elected officials and encourage them to fight for robust support of science, fast-paced medical progress, and advances in public health.

Your actions make a difference! In the last year, over 7,300 emails have been sent to members of Congress urging the importance of funding for research.  

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Make the Case for Scientific Progress

The 117th Congress has yet to pass a final appropriations package for FY23, meaning that federal agencies and programs are operating with flat funding, in a state of limbo. The continuing resolution (CR) that extended FY23 funding expires on 12/16/2022, and now is the time to make the case for completing the FY23 appropriations process before deadline and with robust research funding increases. Use this editable email to ask for a meeting with the right staffer in each of your congressional representatives’ offices, so you can make the case “in person.” (Zoom, Teams, phone…whatever works for you and them!). Need help with talking points? Contact: info@researchamerica.org

Take Action