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National Survey Shows Affordability and Access to Nutritious Foods is a Challenge for Many Americans

Support for federal investment in research is a priority Americans across the political spectrum agree on, according to new data from a January 2022 survey commissioned


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Alarming trends call for action to define the future role of food in nation’s health

Full news release on American Heart Association Newsroom. New public opinion poll and expert analysis


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Neglected tropical diseases threaten to become the next pandemic. We must prepare for them now.

Though once seen as a disease that only afflicted people in developing countries, dengue —


Press Releases & Statements

Research!America Alarmed by Proposed Budget Cuts

Research!America released the following statement today from its President and CEO Mary Woolley: Research!America is



Americans Decreasingly Willing to Share Health Information, But Place High Value on Clinical Trials

An October 2023 survey, commissioned by Research!America in partnership with the Association for Clinical Research