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Get Involved

A strong biomedical and public health ecosystem benefits every American, and there are ways for every person or organization to get involved:

Contact Congress

Change begins with you. Take action. Ensure that research to improve health is a funding and policy priority.

Stay Informed

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We post daily on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook; engage and share our posts to help broaden the reach of our weekly alliance discussions and the visibility of important initiatives including Public Health Thank You Day.

Join Our Events

Our National Health Research Forum (in fall), Advocacy Awards (in spring), and Early Career Summit (in summer) are free and open to all. They bring together top federal officials, research leaders, and distinguished national media to celebrate successes and discuss health and R&D-related issues vital to the wellbeing of our nation and the world.

Use Our Reports and Share Our Fact Sheets

For more than 30 years, we have commissioned public opinion surveys, written reports on investments in public research, and created fact sheets and graphics to help members of Congress, research advocates, and the public understand vital R&D issues.

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Your membership increases the impact of our advocacy for funding health and medical research and advancing policies that support innovation.

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Your contribution adds impact to our efforts to make research to improve health a higher national priority.