Change begins with you. Take action. Ensure that research to improve health is a funding and policy priority.

Research!America works closely with its alliance to make research to improve health a higher national priority.  

What do we mean by research to improve health?
Research to improve health includes the spectrum of research that underlies advances in human health. For example, research to improve health includes basic medical research that explores the biologic and genetic bases of disease. Such basic research lays the foundation for preventing, diagnosing, treating and curing disease. It also includes later-stage research and development, including clinical research, which is focused on translating basic research into viable medical products, like prescription drugs, biologics, diagnostic tools and medical devices, as well as regulatory science that aims to improve the process of ensuring the safety and effectiveness of new medical products. Research to improve health does not stop there, though. It includes health economics and health services research aimed at improving the processes surrounding medical research, health care delivery and other facets of our health care system, as well as public health research such as surveillance and epidemiological studies that help us better understand how disease and disease determinants affect populations, information that is critical to health policy decision-making. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is representative of the types of research under the umbrella term "research to improve health."

What is advocacy, and how is it related to research to improve health?
To advocate simply means to speak up, to plead the case of another or to champion a cause. It is something that most of us routinely do on behalf of our families, our neighbors, our friends and ourselves. Advocacy is democracy in action and everyone's right as a citizen. Advocacy for research to improve health means fighting to ensure that the federal government makes funding and policy decisions that are conducive to continued medical progress, including the development of new medical treatments and research designed to protect the public health and improve the way health care is delivered in the U.S.


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For the 2014 elections, Ask Your Candidates! will ask candidates for Congress to tell America their views on research and health-related issues. Responses will be available on the Ask Your Candidates! website. Research!America and the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation established the voter education initiative in 2006.


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Advocacy FAQ
Here we answer frequently asked questions about reaching out to policy makers to advocate for issues you care about.


Keys to Effective Advocacy
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Understanding the Federal Budget
The federal budget doesn't work like any budget you would keep at home. Click here for more information about what goes into shaping the federal budget and how you can make a difference.


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Research!America works to ensure that research to improve health is a policy priority. We have compiled topical resources to assist you when you fight for research to improve health.

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