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Advocacy Works!

Dear Research Advocate,

It’s a quiet week on Capitol Hill – an ideal time to use this editable email to thank your members of Congress for passing the omnibus spending bill last Friday, setting federal funding levels for FY23. The bipartisan package helps to ensure our federal research agencies are able to meet the moment. It is expected to be signed into law this week. 

Notably, the omnibus legislation includes robust (and in some cases, historic) increases across federal research agencies, including NIH, ARPA-H, CDC, FDA, AHRQ, and NSF. Take a look at our chart showing how new funding levels compare to last year.

For more details, read our press statement on the package, as well as the press statement of the Science & Technology Action Committee.

Research Matters: The National Institutes of Health has released 2022 research highlights. The successes of NIH and other research agencies help showcase the importance of robust federal funding to improve public health and human thriving – both in the U.S. and around the world.

Stay Tuned: By mid-January, we’ll know more about appropriations, authorization and science committee leadership in the new Congress. These leaders will play an outsized role in determining whether our nation’s research and public health agencies continue to receive strong support from Congress. Federal research investment is the bedrock of U.S. biomedical and S&T innovation, and a strong research foundation is essential for a strong nation and a prosperous future.

Best wishes for the New Year and thank you for your tremendous advocacy efforts in 2022. Here’s to our continued work together in 2023!