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Statement from Mary Woolley on Passage of Continuing Resolution

“Research!America commends members of Congress from both sides of the aisle for coming together to prevent a government shutdown. That said, let’s not let this be a ‘kick the can down the road’ moment. The next set of deadlines should not set the pace for finalizing FY24 appropriations. Opportunities to speed medical progress and meet other American priorities hang in the balance. We urge Congressional leaders to act with urgency, completing the FY24 appropriations process by year-end in a manner that boosts funding for the National Institutes of Health and our nation’s other research and public health agencies.

Whether the objective is to save lives, grow the economy, bolster national security, or sustain our leadership role in the global arena, our nation’s investment in NIH-funded research conducted by researchers in communities across the country delivers profoundly important returns to the American people. By continuing to act on a bipartisan basis to increase funding for the NIH, NSF, and other federal research agencies, Congress can strengthen our global leadership in the uphill – but winnable – battle against Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, emerging infectious diseases, and other lethal health threats.”