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Research!America is the nation’s largest 501(c)(3) dedicated to making research for health a higher national priority.  Our public opinion data, advocacy programs and publications reach the public and decision makers to help advance medical, health and scientific research. 

We offer many benefits to our members, both tangible and intangible, through our innovative advocacy efforts and relationships with prominent members of the research community and high-level government officials.  For more information about membership, please see the links below.  To make your membership payment, go to our Payments page.  For additional opportunities to partner with Research!America, please click here.

About Membership
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For additional information on membership, please contact Ted Brasfield, Senior Manager of Membership Development, at 571-482-2703.

We have health challenges in this country that science will provide answers for if given the chance and we haven't given science that opportunity
Mary Woolley, President and CEO, Research!America