About Membership

The Research!America alliance advocates for science, discovery, and innovation to achieve better health for all. We have our finger on the pulse of public attitudes about the nation’s R&D ecosystem — critical for shaping a legislative and regulatory climate that supports medical and public health research and private sector innovation from bench to bedside. As an alliance member you have the opportunity to leverage expert-driven, evidence-based resources to support your policy and advocacy agendas and coalesce behind issue-specific and large scale advocacy efforts critical to speeding medical progress.

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Member Communications and Resources

Our public opinion survey data and publications reach the public and decision makers to help advance medical, health, and scientific research. Members receive the following:

  • Mary Woolley’s Weekly Letter, an in-the-moment, advocacy-focused update from Mary Woolley, CEO and president, highlighting developments impacting the research and innovation ecosystem, opportunities to advocate, and insights.
  • Research!America’s annual publication, America Speaks!, a compilation of national and state public opinion surveys commissioned by Research!America.
  • Our health R&D investment report, U.S. Investments in Medical and Health Research and Development.
  • Disease-, agency-, and state-specific fact sheets on the health and economic impact of R&D for use in communications to Congress, the media, and member constituents.
  • Access to online advocacy tools including: public opinion survey data; up-to- date local, national, and global economic impact data and investment reports; white papers; and topic- and geography-specific presentations.
  • Recognition as an alliance member on our website and in various publications.
Member Events and Forums

At each of our events, members will find valuable networking opportunities with leadership from academia, independent research institutes, industry, patient groups, societies, foundations, and the Research!America Board of Directors. For members across the U.S., our programs and events are made available virtually. Some of those events include:

Why Research!America?

  • Our members — universities, independent research institutes, academic health centers, scientific societies, industry, patient advocacy organizations, and philanthropies — collaborate with us to fight for sustained federal funding for R&D at the level of scientific opportunity and for a policy environment that empowers research and innovation to thrive.
  • As a recognized and respected resource to members of Congress, federal agency officials, and other policymakers, Research!America brings focus and attention to our members’ initiatives, including support for robust federal medical and health research funding and a policy climate that drives faster medical and public health progress.
  • By fostering strong relationships with the Administration and members of Congress, we have become a go-to source and influencer in research and regulatory policy decision-making.
  • Our high-impact communications strategies increase public awareness and generate congressional support for key legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Our well-connected and seasoned staff — experts in policy, advocacy, politics, and communications needed to formulate and execute cutting- edge, comprehensive advocacy initiatives — are available to discuss relevant issues critical to your organization.
  • We have more than two decades of experience commissioning national and regional surveys, enabling our members to gauge public opinion on a range of issues.
  • Our actively engaged Board of Directors — comprised of former members of Congress and the Administration, as well as leaders from academia, industry, scientific societies, and patient advocacy organizations — plays a pivotal role in our successful advocacy efforts.



For additional information on membership, please contact Anna Platt, Director of Membership and Advocacy Engagement, at (571) 482-2716.

If concerted, long-term investments in research are not made, America will lose an entire generation of young scientists.
Brenda Canine, PhD; McLaughlin Research Institute, Montana