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Benefactor: Johnson & Johnson

The Outstanding Achievement in Public Health Awards, generously supported by Johnson & Johnson, recognize individuals and organizations who have made a significant contribution to research, communication, and public-private partnerships in confronting public health threats that jeopardize our security, prosperity, and well-being.

  • Outstanding Achievement in Public Health Award – This recognizes an individual for their extraordinary work and enormous contributions to public health.
  • Building the Foundation Award – This recognizes one or more individuals whose basic research discoveries have played a pivotal role in advancing public health.
  • Rapid Translation Award – This award honors a public-private partnership that has made a critical contribution to public health progress.
  • Meeting the Moment for Public Health – This award recognizes an individual or organization that has been a “clear voice,” playing a key role in communicating important public health information to the public.

Benefactor: Whitehead Charitable Foundation and the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

The Edwin C. Whitehead Award for Medical Research Advocacy recognizes exemplary leaders, particularly those in public office, who have shown a long-standing commitment to advancing health research as a national priority and who galvanize others in support of science policy and funding.

Benefactor: Ann Lurie

The John Edward Porter Legacy Award is awarded to individuals who show outstanding commitment to sustaining the nation’s world-class leadership in medical and health research.

Benefactor: Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation, pictured Gordon and the late Llura Gund

The Gordon and Llura Gund Leadership Award honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to increasing the level of advocacy for medical, public health or other health-related research in their communities or on a state or national level.

Benefactor: Dr. Herbert Pardes

The Herbert Pardes Family Award for National Leadership in Advocacy for Research, established by the Research!America Board of Directors in 2018, recognizes individuals who, throughout their careers have – like Dr. Pardes – demonstrated distinguished leadership and sustained commitment to public engagement and advocacy for research. Individuals selected for this honor will be those who are highly regarded for their ability to communicate the value of research and innovation to a broad array of audiences, and who, by dint of their example and active encouragement, have inspired others to do so.

Benefactor: Rosenfeld Heart Foundation

The Isadore Rosenfeld Award for Impact on Public Opinion is presented annually to a news media representative or citizen who has worked effectively to deliver medical, public health or other health-related research advocacy messages to the public.

Benefactor: Rogers Family Foundation

The Paul G. Rogers Distinguished Organization Advocacy Award honors any organization or institution that is widely recognized as a strong advocate for medical, public health or other health-related research in the U.S. or globally.