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Research!America Announces New Board Members

The members of Research!America, a nonprofit alliance that advocates for science, discovery, and innovation to achieve better health for all, today elected six new members to its Board of Directors.

These individuals are leaders in their respective fields and have made significant contributions to advancing medical and health research through science, advocacy, and policy. Together with our current members, the Board represents the broad scope of our alliance which includes academia, professional societies, patient organizations, philanthropy, and industry.

The newly elected board members, who will each serve a three-year term, are:

  • Julie Gerberding, M.D, M.P.H, President and CEO of the Foundation for the NIH; Director of the CDC (2002-2009)
  • Celine Gounder, M.D. SCM, Medical Contributor CBS News; Senior Fellow and Editor-at-Large for Public Health, KFF
  • Laura Magaña, Ph.D., President and CEO, Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health
  • Claire Pomeroy, M.D., President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation
  • John Reed, M.D., Ph.D, Executive Vice President, Pharmaceuticals, R&D, Johnson & Johnson
  • Ravi Thadhani, M.D., M.P.H., Executive VP for Health Affairs, Emory University; Executive Director, Woodruff Health Sciences Center

“The new board members are all highly accomplished and bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for research to our board,” said Board Chair Sudip Parikh, Ph.D. “Their contributions will enhance our ability to achieve our goals and advance our mission.”

“We are very excited that these distinguished leaders have said ‘yes’ to Research!America. Our Alliance will benefit greatly from the leadership expertise and insights of our new Board members,” said Research!America President and CEO Mary Woolley. “I’m looking forward to working with them to champion medical and public health research and innovation.”

The new directors join an extraordinary group of 16 directors currently serving on the board and 14 directors reelected today to serve additional terms. Visit our site to see the full membership of the R!A board of directors.

Contact Glenn O’Neal, Senior Director of Communications, at 571-482-2737 or goneal@researchamerica.org with press inquiries.