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Research!America Statement on Cancer Moonshot Announcement

Cancer is a menace that has been enormously difficult to overcome, but there is now unprecedented promise – through immunology, gene editing and other breakthroughs – for far faster progress. We applaud the White House announcement today of a reignited Cancer Moonshot.

A plan for cross-agency collaboration, measurable metrics, a focus on early diagnosis, and a commitment to equity are just some of the laudable and practical facets of this plan. Revolutionizing how we address cancer could pave the way for a “disease moonshot,” applying lessons learned to a host of other health concerns.

Millions of individuals die prematurely from issues like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and mental health conditions that can be conquered if we put public and private-sector science to work as a top national priority. The passion, leadership, and science are all in place; now we need the investment in funding to realize the expectations of the American public.

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