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Statement of Research!America on Congress’ Passage of Another Continuing Resolution

Research!America recognizes the efforts of appropriators, congressional leadership, and their respective staff members to avoid a government shutdown; we appreciate their vigilance. Further, we know Appropriations Committee leaders from both sides of the aisle in both Houses of Congress have worked diligently throughout 2021 to try to complete Fiscal Year 2022 appropriations. While that goal has been elusive, we appreciate their commitment to a goal that should be treated as a national imperative.

Americans have been denied an updated blueprint for the use of their tax dollars for 63 days, since flat-funding of the FY2021 budget was first extended on September 30. The Continuing Resolution expected to be signed into law today creates the possibility of at least another 77 days of delay. In the face of an ongoing global health crisis, anchoring our nation to an outdated budget is not just unwise, it’s dangerous. Those facing health care threats – and that is all of us – cannot afford this frozen-in-time response. Now is the time to put a new spending plan into place.

A 2021 national survey Research!America commissioned found that 85 percent of Americans believe it’s important for President Biden and Congress to assign a higher priority to ensuring faster medical progress; 75 percent of Americans favor doubling spending on medical research over the next five years. That is not achievable by treading water with a continuing resolution.

Funding for pandemic response and preparedness that can save millions of lives and trillions of dollars hangs in the balance. Research to confront a myriad of other diseases hangs in the balance; U.S. economic competitiveness hangs in the balance. 

We believe Congress and the Administration can and must complete Fiscal Year 2022 appropriations long before the February 18, 2022, deadline established under the current Continuing Resolution. We urge them to act swiftly, and with unity. Our nation needs federal funding that responds to the urgency of the moment and invests in our future.

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