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Research and development (R&D), both public and private sector driven, is a force that empowers Americans and populations across the globe to lead longer, healthier lives. The Research!America alliance advocates for the funding and policy environment needed to drive fast-paced medical and public health progress. Use the advocacy tools below to make the case for a greater federal commitment to life-saving R&D. 

Reasons for Research

Research Takes Cents

Private Sector R&D

Global Competitiveness

Global Health R&D

Press Releases & Statements

Survey Shows Strong Bipartisan Support for Investing in Research

Support for federal investment in research is a priority Americans across the political



Major Changes Needed in Public Health

Americans largely think the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed major changes needed to



SURVEY: Most Americans Cannot Name a Living Scientist or a Research Institution

According to a January 2021 survey commissioned by Research!America, most Americans (72%)


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