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Research and development (R&D), both public and private sector driven, is a force that empowers Americans and populations across the globe to lead longer, healthier lives. The Research!America alliance advocates for the funding and policy environment needed to drive fast-paced medical and public health progress. Use the advocacy tools below to make the case for a greater federal commitment to life-saving R&D. 

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Survey Shows Strong Bipartisan Support for Investing in Research

Support for federal investment in research is a priority Americans across the political



Major Changes Needed in Public Health

Americans largely think the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed major changes needed to



SURVEY: Most Americans Cannot Name a Living Scientist or a Research Institution

According to a January 2021 survey commissioned by Research!America, most Americans (72%)


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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

Eye-Popping Statistics

This year, Americans will spend nearly $12.2 billion celebrating Halloween, exceeding last year’s record by nearly $2 billion. Make no bones about it (get it?!), this is more than the […]

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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

Setting Silence Aside

Having witnessed the setbacks and eventual triumphs of leaders in research and research advocacy for many years, I know that receiving thunderous applause is typically low-to-nowhere on the list of […]

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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

America Needs Cures, Not Cuts

Women’s Health: The National Academy of Medicine’s (NAM) annual meeting this week featured women’s health topics, “From Cells to Society.” President Biden’s nominee for NIH Director, Monica Bertagnolli, MD (whose […]

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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

What Would Lincoln Do?

Differ We Must: I often quote Abraham Lincoln, “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.”  In his new book on Lincoln, “Differ […]

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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

The Clock is Ticking

Regardless of the final outcome of party control in the House and Senate for the 118th Congress, the current Congress must still pass a final FY23 spending package. The clock is ticking.

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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

10,000 Lives Each Week

President Biden released the latest National Security Strategy, highlighting the pandemic preparedness imperative. Read more on this and how to prepare for midterm elections in this week's letter.

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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

Changing the Lexicon

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I’m writing early to give us all a holiday. Last Thursday and Friday, l capped off a week of visiting our members at the McKnight Brain Institute (MBI) and the Health Science

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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

Breaking through

The House Appropriations Committee released its FY19 Labor-HHS funding bill earlier today for subcommittee markup tomorrow morning.

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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

March Madness

OMB has recommended cuts to FY17 appropriations, which would precede, if you will, the proposed FY18 cuts. 

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Mary Woolley's Weekly Letter

Science not silence

In his inaugural address President Trump spoke of ushering in a “new millennium” to “unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and

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